Welcome to CustomClubfitters.com, the world’s best address for custom clubfitters. There was a time when custom clubfitting was a relatively unknown profession; however, clubfitters are playing an ever-increasing and much more visible role in the $7 billion golf equipment industry these days. While it’s hard to know exactly how much the custom clubfitting industry is worth, it’s reasonable to assume it’s in the hundreds of millions of dollars and growing fast with advancing technologies like golf simulators, launch monitors, motion sensors, and high-speed video.

Today, golfers are no longer satisfied with “one size fits all” and expect customisation when they buy new equipment. If it ever was, it’s not acceptable anymore to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a new driver or a set of irons and for them not to be perfectly matched to the player’s swing. The technology and expertise are there to achieve this, which is where custom clubfitters come in.

Custom clubfitters are highly skilled experts in matching golf equipment – including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters – to each player’s ideal individual specifications. This task requires working with factors like the club’s loft and lie angle, head profile, shaft weight, flex point, swing-weight, grip type, and thickness. Many clubfitters will also build the clubs customized to the player’s specifications. In other cases, they will send the order to the manufacturer, who will make a set precisely to those specs. Clubfitters also do routine repairs such as regripping and reshafting clubs and restoring and refurbishing old clubs.

The use of technology is commonplace now among custom clubfitters. This technology includes high-speed video swing analysis and launch monitors to measure the player’s club head path, ball flight, velocity, and acceleration. Coupled with the possibility of their having many thousands of combinations of clubheads, shafts, and grips, this ensures that golfers are getting the best and most optimized equipment for their unique swing characteristics and, therefore, value for money.

Ralph Maltby’s Golfworks has been a leader in the field of custom clubs for more than three decades and has taught many professional clubfitters who are now working for major companies or as independent operators. Golfworks is also one of the principal suppliers of custom golf components, videos, instruction books, and manuals to the many thousands of hobby clubfitting enthusiasts. Other long-established and respected names in the industry include HirekoWishon, and Thomas Golf.

This website is a hand-selected directory of custom clubfitters. We hope you enjoy learning about the many new technologies and clubfitting skills they can offer to make you a better golfer. As you’ll see, this industry is evolving rapidly and becoming highly data-driven, and these numbers are increasingly guiding player development – from beginners to hardened Tour pros.

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