You may have noticed that many premium domain names – when you type them in your browser – do not resolve to a website. You either get nothing or a parked page. This is because the names have never been built out. There are several possible reasons for this: quite often the owner is sitting on the domain, waiting for someone to make them an offer to buy it; but it could also be because it is being held in reserve by a company for a future project or to stop their competitors acquiring it. Or perhaps the owner simply does not have the time or resources to develop it. Whatever the reason, for web searchers this is frustrating and for the owner of the domain, it’s a waste of type-in traffic, the most highly sought-after internet traffic of all.

That was the case with this domain, which lay idle and undeveloped for more than 17 years until we acquired it. Now, as the logical search term for people looking for information on the internet about custom clubfitters, our goal is to turn it into a focused and highly relevant website. This will help direct type-in traffic to genuine custom clubfitters. The site will also garner targeted traffic from search engines by being active and hyper-focused, which again will be to clubfitters’ benefit.

As a first step in getting it working for its intended purpose we have created a curated directory of custom clubfitting sites and are offering you, the custom clubfitting community, the opportunity to list and promote your business in it. Our goal is to make it easier for you and your customers to connect and to have this exceptional domain name fulfill its true potential.