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Connecticut Custom Club Fitting Services

Use this page to find the best golf club fitters in Connecticut, including golf club fitting facilities in Stamford, Portland, Greenwich, Ridgefield, Lakeville, Brookfield, New Milford, and Wethersfield, CT.

Aulenti Fitting Studio
The Aulenti Fitting Studio at Sterling Farms Golf Course in Stamford, CT, is a year-round custom club fitting facility that offers custom woods, irons, wedge, and putter fittings. They supply clubheads and shafts from the industry’s leading manufacturers, with over 12,000 total combinations being available. For full swing fitting, they use TrackMan 4 technology. Customers can observe actual ball flight when hitting full shots from the indoor bays to the outdoor driving range. For putter fitting, they use SAM PuttLab, Blast Motion sensor technology, and high-speed motion cameras and are AimPoint-Certified.

Chris Cote Golf
Chris Cote’s Golf Shop of Portland and Southington offers basic and tour-level club fitting by nationally recognized club fitting staff. Services include driver, iron, hybrid, and putter fitting as well as golf ball recommendations. Fittings are done with state-of-the-art equipment from major equipment manufacturers on a TrackMan Launch Monitor.

Demane Golf
DeMane Golf is a 3-generation family business located at 35 Chapel Street, Greenwich. It was established in 1905 by Nick DeMane and is now run by his grandson Rick and his wife Rene. A former Wilson and Ben Hogan warranty center, DeMane Golf is an equipment manufacturing facility, fitting studio, and retail/repair shop. Customers can shop for the latest drivers, fairway woods, irons, and putters and be custom-fitted by Rick using FlightScope X3 and Foresight GC Quad launch monitors.

Downtown Golf
Downtown Golf was established in 2007 and is located in Stamford. Owner Paul Ferrone has 20 years of club fitting experience as a Class A member of the PGA of America and has been named in Golf Digest’s Top 100 Clubfitter list for 10 years. Fittings are done using a Foresight Quad Launch Monitor/Simulator. They carry a large inventory of clubheads from leading manufacturers as well as shafts from Accra, Fujikura, Mitsubishi, Matrix, True Temper, Rifle, Nippon, and KBS. The shop is capable of carrying out most types of repairs and most can be completed on the same day.

Golf Performance Center
The Golf Performance Center of Ridgefield has over 20 years of club fitting experience and uses the latest technologies such as GEARS 3D Motion Capture System, K-Vest, TrackMan and Foresight GC-Quad launch monitors, and SAM PuttLab. Fittings are carried out using a combination of an indoor controlled environment and an outdoor golf course environment. Clubs are then built to specification on-site in their state-of-the-art build shop.

Greenwich Golf Fitting Studio
Greenwich Golf Fitting Studio in Greenwich is an elite club fitting and club making business that was founded by Jacques Intriere in 1994. Jacques has been honored as a Top 100 Fitter for Golf Digest, Callaway, and Mizuno and in 2016 he was named the International Clubmakers Guild (ICG) Worldwide Clubmaker of the Year. His studio is equipped with state-of-the-art fitting technology including  Flightscope X3 Launch Monitor (with Fusion Tracking) and HD Golf Simulator to capture each player’s critical club fitting data while providing an accurate depiction of ball flight. Following fitting, the clubs are either built on-site or double-checked and adjusted after arriving from the factory.

Lakeville Golf Technology
Lakeville Golf Technology is located in Lakeville and is owned and operated by Fred Stevenson. Fred is a member of the International Clubmakers Guild, Golf Clubmakers Association, Association of Clubfitting Professionals, and World Scientific Congress of Golf Trust. The business was established in 1997 and offers custom golf club fitting, putter analysis and custom fitting, electronic shaft and club analysis, shaft retrofitting, and loft and lie adjustments. They also carry out repairs and antique golf club appraisals.

Performance Clubworks
Performance Clubworks is located in Brookfield and New Milford and is an award-winning clubfitter that has been serving golfers for 30 years. A recipient of Golf Digest’s Best 100 Club Fitters award on multiple occasions, they have also been 3 Time Ping Regional Fitter of the Year, Callaway National Fitter of the Year, and a multi-year Titlest, Mizuno, and TaylorMade Top 100 Fitter. They use advanced technology including multiple Trackmans and a Foresight Golf Gamechanger Quad to measure all important swing and ball flight parameters. Thousands of shaft and head combinations are available and most fitting sessions are conducted outdoors to observe and ensure proper ball flight.

Prove It Golf
Prove It Golf is an experienced club fitting business based in Wethersfield that provides players with a full range of fitting services, from driver to putter. They carry a select range of high-quality clubheads from Callaway, Epon, Miura, Mizuno, Tour Edge Exotics, Bettinardi, and Odyssey and have access to every major shaft company including Accra, KBS, Nippon, Oban, Paderson, Project X, Shimada SteelTrue Temper, UST and VA Composites. For grips, they supply Garsen, Golf Pride, Grip Master, Lamkin, Pure, Royal, Super Stroke, and Winn Grips.

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Updated December 6th, 2022.