Custom Clubfitters in West Virginia

This page lists custom clubfitters in West Virginia, including golf club fitters based in Parkersburg and Bunker Hill. If you own a custom clubfitting business in West Virginia and would like to propose it for a listing on this page please let us know.

Best WV Golf Club Fitters

Parkersburg Country Club
Parkersburg Country Club is a historic old course situated in Vienna, WV. It dates back to 1902 and was the first country club to be incorporated in West Virginia. The Pro Shop at Parkersburg Country Club offers custom golf club fittings for drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters. Fitting costs are included in the price of the clubs. They use the Callaway  and club fitting specifications can be used for any brand of club.

SwingFit is a family-owned, brand-agnostic custom clubfitter and club builder that was founded by John Hutzler in his garage in Bunker Hill, WV, around 14 years ago. After relocating to larger premises a few years ago it now offers a full clubfitting service including driver, fairway wood/hybrids, iron, wedge, putter, golf ball, and one-length iron fittings. Their indoor facility has at its disposal all the best technology including GC Quad launch monitors and more than 400 shafts, 200 club heads, 100 putters, and 65 wedges from all the best manufacturers.

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