International Custom Clubfitters

This page lists international custom clubfitters. If you own a custom clubfitting business and would like to get it listed on this page please let us know.

Antony Morgan Golf
Antony Morgan Golf is a golf teaching, fitting, and repair facility situated at the driving range of Rhoon Golf Center in The Netherlands. They offer regripping, loft and lie adjustment, club grinding, and reshafting. They work with every leading grip and shaft manufacturer.

Brian’s Custom Clubs
Brian’s Custom Clubs is situated in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Owner Brian Wilkes has 25 years of experience as a clubfitter with a certification from CalTek Golf Equipment and Training Ltd. (Calgary) and a diploma from the Golfsmith Advanced Clubfitting and Repair School. He offers fitting and custom club building, length adjustment, shaft frequency analysis, broken shaft repair or replacement, swing weighting, loft and lie, and putter adjustments.

Gooder Custom Golf Clubs
Gooder Custom Golf Clubs is based near Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Owner and operator Bert Reich is an AGCP-certified and qualified Level 10 golf clubfitter and clubmaker who builds ultra-premium golf clubs. Players are fitted by a performance-based fitting procedure incorporating a FlightScope launch monitor and more than 30,000+ possible head/shaft combinations.  They use the highest quality golf components including heads from Wishon, Alpha, and Swing Science, and shafts from Accra, KBS, FST, Swing Science, and Aerotech.

Lee Porter Golf
Lee Porter is an experienced PGA Professional, coach, and clubfitter who is based near Chelmsford, Essex, UK. He was GCA Clubmaker of the Year in 2010 and is a Golfsmith Master Craftsman. He manages the after-sales of True Temper, Project X, ACCRA, Aerotech, and Grafalloy golf shafts in the UK and Europe and is a member of the UK Flightscope Advisory Board. He provides a full range of clubfitting and repair services for golfers of all abilities.

Precision Golf
Precision Golf of West Byfleet, Surrey, UK, was established in 2004 by James Davey and Simon Cooper and is Europe’s leading golf performance center. Their Surrey studio incorporates custom clubfitting and club building, golf instruction, a biomechanics and chiropractic clinic, and personal training.  Their staff is highly experienced both in professional golf and in working in the custom clubfitting and golf club manufacturing industry and have built clubs for many European Tour and Challenge Tour players. They offer full bag fittings as well as separate driver, fairway woods/hybrids, irons, wedges, and putter fittings.

True Spec Golf
True Spec Golf is a brand-agnostic custom fitter and club builder with more than 30 fitting studios in the US and around the world. They cater to golfers of all abilities, from high handicappers to top professionals, and their large stock of premium clubheads and shafts from all major manufacturers allows them to select from more than 50,000 combinations.